Crafton Tull Adopts Delair UX-11 UAV For Long Range Planning And Surveying

Leading engineering and survey firm works with regional distributor Navigation Electronics, Inc. to select high performance drone that covers more ground, reduces costs in civil design, construction and energy projects

Delair a leading global supplier of commercial drone solutions, along with one of its regional resellers, Navigation Electronics, Inc (NEI), today announced that Crafton Tull, a diverse engineering and survey firm based in Conway, Arkansas, has adopted the Delair UX-11 highperformance UAV for performing its work in civil and highway design and planning as well as energy surveying. Crafton Tull will initially be deploying the drone to do high accuracy mapping for an energy project involving planning of pipeline and transmission routes and surveying large parcels of land.

The UX-11 UAV, introduced commercially earlier this year, is one of Delair’s top-of-the-line drones. The fixedwing drone is an innovative hardware-software platform that provides highly accurate images for survey-grade mapping, with on-board processing capabilities and real-time, long-range control. The platform’s enhanced centimeter-level precision along with its efficient operational characteristics make it the most cost-effective solution for large area surveying and mapping.

NEI worked along side Crafton Tull engineering and field experts to evaluate the Delair drone, and ensure it met Crafton Tull’s requirements.

“The UX-11 is a very capable and efficient platform for us to use, especially in large scale planning work. Its ability to perform long range flights and its overall endurance is a major factor in improving productivity, reducing field time and lowering costs for us, which we can then pass along to our customers” said Nick Tucker, Vice President of Energy Services at Crafton Tull. “It’s a very user friendly and mobile system, so our time from truck to flight is much faster. We also appreciate the radio range of the data link and the 3G capabilities that give us access to real time information even from great distances.”

Initial deployment of the UX11 included a surveying mission covering a 52-mile corridor for a planned pipeline. The Crafton Tull team was able to collect high resolution and extremely accurate imagery in a single flight that otherwise would have taken multiple missions. The data can be quickly analyzed to optimize pipeline route planning, feasibility and location improvement. The solution integrates well with the existing work flow and other systems used in the firm’s planning processes.

The firm will also deploy the drone in civil engineering projects to aid in planning of highways, construction projects and landscape design Crafton Tull selected the UX 11 after a thorough evaluation process with NEI, including on-site demonstrations and in-depth product presentations. Tucker cited NEI’s pre- and post-sales support as a key factor in the decision and early success with the Delair drone, calling NEI’s service “the best we have worked with.”

“The UX 11 is a complete solution that meets the requirements of Crafton Tull very well. Features like an embedded global shutter camera, intuitive analytics and data reporting tools, and post processed kinematic (PPK) capabilities for high quality results make it well suited for the accuracy and detail they need,” said William Poche, Vice President and Director of Sales at NEI. “With both 2.4 GHz wireless and 3G/4G cellular connectivity, it’s versatile from a communication standpoint, and its’ long-range operational performance significantly lowers the total cost of ownership.”

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