Laser scanning for as-built documentation and planning for subsequent reconstruction work


“ARBE – Arbeit und Beschäftigung für psychisch Belastete” (community offering employment and care for mentally strained people) as initiator of the project placed an order for surveying and digitalization of the buildings by means of laser scanning in order to use as-built documentation for future reconstruction work. The ageing buildings are used as facility for care of psychic burdened people.


To get an as-built documentation as efficient as possible, we decided to generate outdoor scans using FARO Focus3D S120 and indoor scans using ZEB-REVO by GeoSLAM. Afterwards, the captured data should be merged.

Scanning and analysis

By means of FARO Focus3D S 120, the entire outdoor area was scanned using more than 40 scanner positions. Afterwards, ZEB-REVO was used for 6 scanning tours. Regstration of single FARO scans was realized in FARO Scene software. After processing of ZEB-REVO data, point clouds of FARO and ZEB-REVo scanner were merged in the point cloud software PointCab using co-ordinate pairs. At the end, the customer received a Autodesk RECAP file for further use.

This case studies is from LaserScanning Europe

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