Satlab Geosolutions and Yuneec Formed a Strategic Partnership Alliance to Provide Comprehensive UAV Solutions

Satlab Geosolutions and Yuneec announced that they are collaborating together as a Strategic Partnership Alliance to expand its existing UAV solutions to provide professional users with comprehensive solutions based on Satlab System Engineering Division Science and Technology knowledge, as well as Yuneec International Expertise & Cognition in the field of UAV.

Satlab Geosolutions, together with Yuneec, plan to combine resources to improve aerial mapping used in surveying, mining, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, and utilities. With Yuneec’s stable and reliable platform, coupled with Satlab Geosolutions’ Science & Technology, the new drone products are designed for safety, quality and consistency, when it comes to professional applications.  

“We are delighted that this partnership attunes to professional market needs in the field of Surveying & Mapping, Inspection & Monitoring, Building & Maintenance and Disaster Risk Reduction vertical markets, the field engineers had walk the ground and listened to requirements from our professional users to be able to better understand their needs. By combining resources, we are able to innovate further to provide the best-in-class solutions for our users globally.”, says J.W. Chen, CEO of Satlab Geosolutions AB.

“At Yuneec, we are always looking for ways to meet our customers’ needs and empower them with solutions to improve their productivity and efficiency. This collaboration will enable users to use a technology that is rapidly growing in the geospatial industry.”, Larry Liu, CEO of Yuneec.

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