Surveying with the Draft Expert

Every surveyor knows that drawing a topographical plan requires a great deal of manual draughting. CIVIL DESIGNER’s Survey and Terrain module now has a specialized Draft Expert tool that eliminates a significant amount of this routine and time consuming work.


The Draft Expert can quickly convert coordinate files and totalstation observations into basic drawings, automatically adding CAD line work and annotations in accordance with your point
naming convention. Point to point linkage can also be automated and is made faster and easier. Layer names, colours and styles can also be stored as template settings for future drawings.
Draft Expert not only significantly reduces your draughting time, it also allows you to stick to your preferred naming convention so that your field work and capturing techniques are not affected. For example, scenarios where points are measured sideto-side or in zig-zags rather than sequentially can be quickly indicated. Start and end points of polylines can also be easily defined.

Another time-intensive challenge that surveyors face is the use of multiple (and often legacy) applications to perform survey calculations. CIVIL DESIGNER’s observations and figures database eliminates this inefficiency because totalstation measurements can be imported and stored with your drawings for use with all associated survey calculations. Further, the survey calculations can be used to generate SG Diagrams directly (A0 to A3 and on single or double A4 page sizes) with the defined erven and figures.

CIVIL DESIGNER’s Survey & Terrain module has been developed hand in hand with the surveying, technical surveying and civil infrastructure design fields and puts all the tools you need in one package:
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