The Smart AG Solution: How One Farmer Battled Drought With A Drone

After a drought, it’s fundamental for farmers to select the best fertilizer to save their crops. Luke Skerman, a farmer in Australia, knows this all too well. After a drought threatened the health of his chickpea crops, Luke needed to identify a fertilizer, or a mix of several, that would help save them.

Unfortunately, most farmers find it difficult to quickly and efficiently check the health of their crops. Many solutions available fall short and can be time-consuming, expensive and give inaccurate results. With satellite imagery, for example, the picture quality can be poor, and the data analysis can take a long time to collect.

Understanding how important it was for him to act quickly and decisively in the aftermath of the drought, Luke turned to a drone solution, Parrot Disco-Pro AG.

Take to the skies

Because Luke’s fields are large, varying in size between 50 and 100 hectares, he needed a fast, safe and reliable method to analyze the various compounds he wanted to use.

With Parrot Disco-Pro AG, Luke was able to compare the efficiency of various fertilizer on different areas of his crops.

Luke used three fertilizers in several quantities on two kinds of chickpeas. He then used Flight Plan in FreeFlight Pro to map his fields autonomously.

The field Luke analyzed measured approximately 77 hectares. Thanks to its versatility, the fixed-wing drone flew for roughly 30 minutes over the field at an altitude of 110 meters. Using the included Pix4DCapture app, Luke was able to map the exact area he wanted, quickly and with precision.

Smart sensors

Of course, flying over such a large area in such a short amount of time is just but one benefit of the Parrot Disco-Pro AG. The fixed-wing drone also boasts exceptional mapping capability, courtesy of the Parrot Sequoia sensor, which is a multispectral camera that captures both the light reflected by plants and the daylight, allowing for an accurate analysis of crop health.

The sensors capture precise photos using varied wavelengths to create an NDVI map of the plots under observation. In Luke’s case, he was able to quickly and accurately identify the effectiveness of the different fertilizer compounds he used on his crops.

Improving productivity and more

Often, it’s the simple solutions that prove the most beneficial, and nowhere is that truer than with Parrot Disco-Pro AG. The drone solution proved to be a simple and efficient means of obtaining reliable data, one that helped Luke save time and money.

If you’re searching for your own professional-grade Ag solution, you’d be wise to explore Parrot Disco-Pro AG. It will help you save time and money – all while improving the productivity of your fields and your yields.

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