Orbit GT opens New Live Content on Data Centers across the Globe

Orbit GT brings new live content online, available from 4 data centers across the globe.

“I’m pleased to announce that Orbit GT has brought 4 new and free sets of superb content online, hosted on our SaaS platform www.3dmapping.cloud”, says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. “The free content is available as Publications, and is installed on all 4 data centers Orbit GT is currently exploiting across the globe to achieve optimal streaming capability on all continents.”

Content includes street-level Mobile Mapping (spherical imagery and LiDAR point cloud), Aerial Nadir and Oblique imagery and aerial LiDAR point cloud, Terrestrial scanning, UAV-based scanning, textured mesh derived form aerial imagery.

The content is kindly made available to all by Geograma (Spain), Geomni (USA), RIEGL (Austria) and Ofek (Israel).

To get a look, go to www.3dmapping.cloud and hit ‘Try It Now”.  You will be automatically redirected to the data center nearest to your location.

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