ROV Tank Inspection Package – DTG2 Pro

Start saving time and money on your next inspection with the Deep Trekker ROV tank inspection package | DTG2 Pro underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle.

Deep Trekker has thousands of vehicles in the world, we make getting eyes underwater safe and easy with our easy to operate and portable ROVs.

Our DTG2 is the most commonly chosen vehicle for potable water tank inspections. Cities and contractors love the one case “grab and go” format with no setup of phones, tablets or computers required – throw it in the water and get the job done.

Recommended ROV Tank Inspection Package

DTG2 Pro Tank Inspection Package

The most popular package is the DTG2 Pro package with Auxiliary Lights and Digital Video Recorder. Provides quick deployment and the ability to document any concerns with the water tank.

Overcoming Inspection Challenges

Tanks are completely dark, presenting a unique challenge for cameras. The pro package comes with the ROV equipped with a high resolution, low light specialist camera. Combined with the additional lights, getting a high-quality inspection video is possible unlike other standard HD cameras typically found in the market.

The DTG2 can be equipped with a variety of tether lengths up to 400m, but most opt for the standard 75m or an increase to 100m/150m. This tether comes on a reel to make transport from job site to job site easy. The DTG2 can also add other sophisticated add-ons such as an ultrasonic thickness gauge, grabber arm or navigation sensors. Ask us what makes the most sense for your inspections today!

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