SeaRobotics Expands Unmanned ASV Product Line

SeaRobotics is extending the capability of the man-portable ASV product line. This highly integrated water quality ASV, will be retooled and offered with a professional grade hydrographic survey and terrestrial sensor suite. The new ASV will provide above and below the surface point cloud data, underwater acoustic imagery, and acoustic doppler current profiling.

The SeaRobotics 7.0 meter ASV Workboat has recently completed factory acceptance testing (FAT) in preparation for delivery in Washington DC. The ASV 7.0 is unique in providing manned and unmanned operation, a launch and recovery system (LARS) for deploying towed and “dipping” sensing payloads, and ROV deployment capability. Powered by a serial diesel electric propulsion system this extremely quiet ASV is ideal for acoustic systems research. Multi-day endurance and the ability to deliver the system with direct diesel propulsion makes this a “first of its kind” workhorse ASV for commercial markets.

“By extending the capability of our small ASV platform to hydrographic survey, and introducing the 7.0 meter ASV workboat, we are strengthening our offerings for ASV market,” stated Don Darling, president of SeaRobotics.

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